The Cast of Delevan House #12

Mauve is introduced in Delevan House in the chapter ‘Ripples’, during Caoimhe Liùsaidh Delevan’s birth. Mauve, along with Fraoch, are the only two of Lenore Delevan’s flock of crows whose names are shared with our readers in book I.

Her appearance spans several chapters, and readers discover Mauve’s magical creation and naming in ‘Bringing Down the Flowers’ when her energy is shifted from one form to another at the hands of Lady Lenore Delevan during the act that ultimately leads the lady of the house to her captivity in Delevan House and Badb village for the centuries that followed. Her magical naming uttered three times by the mistress before being welcomed into the obsidian wings of the Delevan flock. Conceived of love and aborted through fear, the energy of this character is profound and will be explored further with Brazen Folk Horror in the books and a detailed feature in Mauve and our crows in #BeBrazen. Though very much part of the Delevan family, Mauve is distinctive from her feathered flock in physical appearance, being the only white crow.

We are slowly introducing a few select pieces of Brazen Folk Horror merchandise outside public appearances, conventions and markets. Natasha has a few #BeBrazen Ts available on her Etsy for anyone who just can’t get enough of our sexy Crescent and V-Rod logo.

Clan Witch Etsy

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