The Making of Delevan House #19

The release of Delevan House is only a month away! And trust us when we say there will be far deeper articles shared on Brazen Folk Horror about the lore within those pages. Delevan House’s influences are ancient, and the execution of her story is brazenly modern.

Until she’s out, we’ve been careful not to give anything away that could spoil the journey for our readers. We are grateful to everyone who has followed, shared, and messaged support for this debut #Brazen release. And to anyone who finds these updates after release, we, too, offer you our thanks and gratitude for sharing your most valuable commodity with us – time.

Writing a novel is hard work, one that Ruthann and Natasha have yet to do as a solo endeavour (watch out, 2023). Suffice it to say, collaborating and blending styles adds more challenge than working with a sole voice. It’s as intimate as artists can be—artists like us, who are fiercely private when in creative mode. We’d never dream of sharing half-baked work. That would surely spoil the cake! But in collaborating, we each add our ingredients and negotiate how these may be combined. And what to leave out to help the batter rise into something enticing, memorable and deep-flavoured.

We hope our appetisers here at Brazen Folk Horror have enhanced your appetite. We promise you will want to sink your teeth into the main event.

From our houses to yours

Happy Hogmanay & best wishes for 2023

One response to “The Making of Delevan House #19”

  1. It’s my birthday in January so I know what I’ll be asking for!!


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