The Making of Delevan House #16

That Which is Destined to Repeat
Brazen Folk Horror ‘Delevan House’

Rituals and traditions feature in every culture throughout the known world and have done for as long as the tendrils of human history stretch.

They are essential to “who we are and what we do,” especially during this time of the year. A ritual is a series of actions repeated with a specific result in mind, often (though not always) rooted in religious doctrine. Some rituals go deeper than any conscious thought. A tradition typically has cultural, ethnic, or meaningful beliefs attached to it that aren’t carried out in any particular order by people who inherit the actions from their ancestors.

Both features significantly in families, communities, and societies. While we often believe these practices to be positive, connecting the past to the present, they can also prompt great fear over the reasons behind them or their outcomes. Not to mention the burden of obligation.

The rural village we’ve designed as the setting for Delevan House isn’t necessarily unique in its’ celebrations and practices, but nowhere else are the beliefs that prompt our cast of characters to behave, interact, and live as they do so unusual and crucial for their survival.

Many of us have dreamed of an idyllic lifestyle away from the stress of suburbia and traffic. Because both authors live in rural communities, thousands of miles away from each other, it’s been a treat to design a dream of a place where…oops… referencing the wrong book….

There’s nothing romantic or bucolic about our village. If you find yourself in Badb, it’s in your best interest to have an exit plan.

While history doesn’t repeat itself per se, it must be acknowledged and respected, or carefully built foundations will crumble or worse.

We’re not only wrapping gifts and trimming trees during December, but we’re also wrapping up loose ends and decorating Delevan House to perfection.

Those pesky rituals and traditions of the village haunt our nightmares rather than contribute to any dreams of a lovely place to live, nestled in the Scottish countryside. It’s the time of festivities, but we’re watching our backs. Shake off the ‘whispering’ and don’t look too deeply into that ominous blue hue…

Something is coming.

One response to “The Making of Delevan House #16”

  1. Love it. These blogs are poetically delicious and an enticing starter. Can’t wait to devour the main course. Roll on Delevan House.


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