The Making of Delevan House #7

The first day of October leaves us speechless, as it’s the official entrance to everything Autumn, our favorite time of the year. No words adequately describe the beauty of it.

Some despise the inevitable decay, the fading of colors, and the decline into the restless stillness this season of fire precludes.

Others, and we are among them, celebrate not only her glorious runway walk but also wallow in the traditions and superstitions not found in other seasons, many dating back to the earliest written records.

We’re busy using our words to craft a most unusual story, carefully choosing the best of them for our descriptions, so they draw you into the cursed village of Babd.

Words are inadequate for several of the characters we’ll introduce in “Delevan House,” so we plan to imprint them on your mind as you read, maybe even into your heart.

However, guard your soul.

Words carry weight, and they may be the mightiest nightmares of all.

 It’s impressive how symbols or figures in neat configurations not only unfold mysteries, whisper secrets, and grant us access to the universe’s wealth but also have unthinkable consequences when used against or to summon evil.

Something otherworldly happens when you write or print out a manuscript on paper.

Of course, most authors rely on technology while writing, but some still rely on pen and paper, and the process is, somehow, more personal.

When you see your words in ink on a physical surface, instinctually, you lift them close to your face. Sniffing, and breathing in deeply, like one often does to welcome the pages of a cherished book.

But something else happens. You breathe life into the words, infusing them with your unique essence, trusting them with deeply personal parts of yourself, much like a relationship with a lover.

“Delevan House” is being made whole. We’re not only breathing life into this story. It’s becoming our obsession. Our collaboration is forged in wild imaginings, hysterical laughter, and endless originality. We’re already discussing Books II and III because our ideas flow endlessly!

The damn words wake us both up at night, taking shape as we dream, stealing hours from sleep, but we allow this, inviting the season of shadows, mystery, and dread to seep into the pages where the words vibrate and pulse. They are dying to be read.

3 responses to “The Making of Delevan House #7”

  1. Marina Schnierer Avatar
    Marina Schnierer

    Wow, I cannot wait for this book to be released! As soon as it’s available to order, I’m in!


    1. It’s very exciting!


  2. I’m so excited for this book. I can’t wait to read it!!!


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