Here at Brazen Folk Horror, we believe in indulging, and what better way than curling up with a hot cup or a cold glass and a physical book?

In this digital age, where so much is hurried, even the obtaining of books: Fast food, Fast fashion, Fast art. Picking up a bound book of stories is a a perfect way to stop the clock, while indulging in adventure. Physical touch and scents have so much power, that cannot be replicated in digital forms or indulged in any way ‘fast’. We want to share that desire to touch and be touched with our readers. To feel the texture of our Brazen Folk Horror in your hungry hands.

The stories Natasha and Ruthann create don’t happen overnight. We indulge in the creation of our art, designing unique characters and settings. We let them speak to us, and we listen. We become friends with them, even reluctantly with some.

Perhaps it’s somewhat old-school, but we strive for quality and art that will stand firm through the test of time in our contemporary gothic classic novel. We appreciate details and nuances that, ultimately, set us apart.

We’re offering an exclusive dual-signed bookplate to the first 20 readers who order a print edition (paperback or hardcover) of Delevan House. While we may include or offer other items with orders, these launch exclusive bookplates are strictly limited to 20.

Simply send us a copy of your receipt, and we’ll contact you for shipping details.

To say that we appreciate all who choose to enter Delevan House is an understatement. We are honored.

Digital and print editions will be available on release day, 1st February 2023.

If you want this launch exclusive, mark your calendar, set the clock, Lady Lenore Delevan is waiting for you.

Natasha and Ruthann