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Book cover image by Don Noble, Rooster Republic Press.

Jagge & Sinclair

The two women were strangers who began submitting short fiction to publishers from their respective desks in Texas and Scotland.

Ruthann and Natasha’s first stories feature in the original “Books of Horror Community Anthology Volume I,” published in 2020.

This formidable collection from the author and publisher RJ Roles launched the careers of many indie authors in the genre.

They have shared pages in numerous successful publications on their respective writing journeys, and well-received solo work amplifies their voices.

Through this connection, a friendship blossomed from a shared passion for crafting compelling, multidimensional characters and discovering the dark stories hiding in the shadows.

These two authors share a love of magical things and deep respect for history.

The stories of Jagge and Sinclair have deep roots in folklore passed through the generations by great storytellers,

This pair enjoys sinking their claws deep into horror realism, legends and mysticism without boundaries.

The brazen duo has joined forces, each bringing their unique style to collaborate on the shamefully wicked tales readers crave.

Their debut collaborative novel, Delevan House, is out now: https://books2read.com/delevanhouse/