#BeBrazen at Events

Team Brazen Folk Horror smoothly divide and conquers! Ruthann represents us at American events, and Natasha will swan about Scotland. For starters!

The next event on the Brazen Folk Horror calendar is StokerCon, presented by The Horror Writers Association. As members, it’s a given we support this fantastic and important event on the Horror literary calendar. It takes place between the 15th – 18th of June 2023 at the Sheraton Pittsburgh Hotel in Pittsburgh.

Ruthann will be panelling at this event with other fantastic speakers in the genre. If you haven’t got a ticket and will be in the area, it’s a must-go-to event.

Then we’re off to Texas Author Con! Brazen Folk Horror are proud sponsors of the event. It was a no-brainer since Jagge is a Texas resident. Supporting local artists and events is deeply important to us.

This is the second year of Texas Author Con, which has grown exponentially in scale and hype since its first year! From hosting 14 author/artist tables to 80 this year, with a waiting list.

Tickets are FREE. It takes place at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel on the 14th and 15th of July, 2023. This multi-genre event has panels over the weekend, special giveaways and exclusives for attendees only. If you can — get there!

Ruthann will be representing her solo work and Brazen Folk Horror, with signed books available for purchase along with other specially designed condiments. Catch her on the Folklore panel too! She loves meeting and chatting with readers and cannot wait to meet you!

Exclusively designed holographic borealis #BeBrazen stickers featuring the iconic yellow rose of Texas and Scottish thistle. Only from Ruthann at TAC 2023!

We were fortunate to chat with fellow authors Donna Latham and Eric Butler, who are running interviews with authors and artists attending this year’s TAC. Catch up with the interviews by subscribing to What’s in the Box.

For readers in Scotland, Natasha is tabling at the historic Merchant City Craft & Design Fair in Candlriggs, Glasgow, later that same month. Find her there on the 22nd and 23rd of July 2023, where she’ll have a stack of books, art prints and related condiments for purchase.

A co-signed sticker, bookmark and die-cut #BeBrazen sticker are included with Delevan House book purchases at the Merchant City Craft & Design Fair, Glasgow.

While we are not in the same country at these events, readers can still purchase Delevan House with co-signed stickers direct from either of us.

Additionally, we have our stylish and cool #bebrazen shirts! These can be purchased online from the ClanWitchShop. If you are heading to any of the events on our diary, we won’t have shirts on hand, but if you want to get one at an event, complete the form and we will send you an invoice and have your very own #bebrazen merchandise ready to collect direct from Natasha or Ruthann.

#BeBrazen with us!

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