The Cast of Delevan House #10

The Green Stones

It’s always interesting when we can assign a personality or humanize the importance of inanimate objects in a story.

There are unusual stones associated with Delevan House in a prominent way, and for some characters, as well as the village of Badb, their meaning is life-altering. Or life-ending.

Using extensive historical research as a basis for not only our Brazen Folk Horror brand symbol of the crescent and v-rod, we dipped into the little-known and used imagery of the earliest Scottish painted- people, the Picts for inspiration.

Finding the subject of their carved-into-stone symbolic language both limiting and fascinating, Natasha and Ruthann designed a divination tool crucial to the backstory of the House and continues the horror of the mythology and folklore that propels the story of our cursed village forward.

Like the better-known Rune Stones, they may hold the secret to the past and future, but we’re unique in our creativity and use.

Both can mark territory, tell stories, and unlock forbidden mysteries.

The attachment of respect and fear to the ritual involving The Green Stones of Badb was great fun not only to write but also in that the authors could play jury, judge, and executioner of our characters. Our Edgewalker choose who receives one. She alone can decipher the depth of their power and meaning.

Is The Threnody our version of The Fates, or is she so much more?

Her ability to connect to worlds beyond the living yet walk among us is terrifying.

We haven’t finished with her yet.

We’ll explore this character more deeply, as she’s Ruthann’s favorite. In an innocent yet insidious way, our seemingly innocent translucent creature holds the keys to what makes Delevan House pulse and feeds its life forces.

You may look at what appears on the surface to be chicken-scratches etches on smooth pebbles very differently going forward and think twice about bringing home those beach vacation souvenirs.

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