The Cast of Delevan House #6

Delevan House

Elspeth Jane Ogilvy dropped out of university and disappeared from her life in Glasgow.

The pressure from her family to live her life a particular way was too much. Elspeth knew they’d never respect her decision to leave.

She was an intelligent young woman, but she never had much say in her path in life. Instead, she was encouraged (pushed) into a specific academic path that (her family felt) ensured her stability and success. And would make them proud.

Elspeth never wanted to study law. In truth, she never had the chance to think about what she wanted, and no one ever truly asked. When they did, it was clear that there were expectations on what she should say, and she met those expectations until one day, she couldn’t anymore. She was drowning under the pressure of living a pre-fabricated life that others had designed for her. A life that she didn’t think she wanted.

She packed up a few things, and she left Glasgow. Elspeth left so she could figure out what she wanted and design a plan that was entirely hers without any influences—just for a ‘break’. A recent breakup with her girlfriend, Debbie (whom her family didn’t know about), was the tipping point.

Elspeth left Glasgow, intending to return.

She never did.

Weeks passed. Then months. Then years.

Elspeth Jane Ogilvy was gone without a trace.

This is a peek at her backstory. #brazenreaders meet her for the first time in Delevan House chapter ‘Wolfmoon’ on the Isle of Macha. Here she connects with Caoimhe Delevan and Mauve.

Natasha’s track for Elspeth: Just A Girl – Gwen Stefani

Ruthann’s track for Elspeth: Voodoo in my Blood – Massive Attack & Young Fathers

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