The Cast of Delevan House #4

Minerva Morven is our woman of a certain age. Though a resident of Badb village, she’s not one to indulge or engage in casual conversation or frivolous outings.

No one would describe her as outgoing or even friendly. Something off-putting about her keeps other villagers at arm’s length.

Despite her average appearance, Minerva commands and demands respect. Even with her high walls, Minerva is the first many flock to when troubles or situations out of their control arise. Her door is always open, especially to other females in need. In many respects, Minerva Morven is a traditionalist, but her mind is sharper than any youth, and her skill set is unmatched.

She married her darling Arlen very young, and their life in the small cottage on the edge of the loch for a while was idyllic. Arlen Morven’s first love was the sea, and he made his living as one of the finest fishermen ever to live in Badb. He’d fearlessly head out into the rough deep waters few dared to explore, and villagers would wait on the dock for him to return with the best bounty. As a young wife, Minerva spent her days stitching, anxiously waiting for his return. As an expert seamstress, she was cut well above any other who wielded the needle. The Morvens enjoyed watching their young son Arlen Jr. grow up together.

When the sea claimed her husband for herself, Minerva was inconsolable. The widow’s tight circle of friends gathered her close. Young Arlen was old enough to feel her grief. The boy spent his days in the garden, sketching the many plants and herbs his mother grew, and reading became his best friend and escape.

Her husband’s body was never recovered. Some whispered that the confident fisherman may have made a deal he could not pay. Naturally, Babd’s feisty rumor mills spun many yarns. Minerva ignored them. She had her ways of coping.

Time had never healed Minerva’s loss. She shifted her focus to her business; a talented sewist can always name her price for custom and unique work. She lived a simple life with her son. Their days were spent at home, and Arlen learned more valuable lessons under his mother’s wing than from formal education. Minerva taught him about plants and animals, the circle of life, the moon’s cycles, and how everything is alive according to nature’s intention. Most of the time.

Minerva saved enough to pay cash for the local pub, The Rowan. In many ways, The Rowan is the hub of the village, and Minerva runs her business like a well-oiled machine. Before Arlen left for school, he ensured it thrived and provided his mother with an excellent return, which was not especially hard to do when it was the only establishment in the village. The Morven’s son has become a handsome, brilliant, and kind young man.

Minerva’s sewing and gardening fill her days. She has more work than she can handle and employs her sewing circle to help. There are some commissions only she can work on, which are very specific.

She can live well for a year at a time from the prices of the green silk garments, painstakingly stitched by only her hands’ command. Her impressive herb beds thrive in all seasons, and she enjoys drying and making tinctures that heal or have other purposes upon request or necessity.

Minerva is one of Ruthann’s favorite characters, although we love them all.

Women become more fascinating, multi-layered, and fearless as they age if they are fortunate. The lines on her face are a roadmap of her life thus far, and her scars are banners of triumph. Minerva Morven is much more than meets the eye in Delevan House, and she’s only begun to show what she’s made of.

She’s an enigma, not to be underestimated.

Wisdom comes with age, and specific skills are timeless.

Ruthann’s song for Minerva Morven, ‘You Should See Me in a Crown’ — Billie Eilish.

Natasha’s song for Minerva Morven, ‘Small Town Witch’ — Merci Raines.

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