Imbolc 2023

Everything we do here at Delevan House is by design, and here’s why we chose this specific date for the release of Book I in our trilogy.

Imbolc is a pagan holiday celebrated from February 1st through sundown on February 2nd.

Based on Celtic tradition, Imbolc marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, celebrated in Neolithic Ireland and Scotland.

It’s one of several pre-Christian holidays highlighting some aspects of winter and sunlight and heralding the change of seasons.

Imbolc is the perfect time to bring new projects to light, allowing heat to penetrate carefully down seeds so they can grow and flourish in the spring after a winter’s rest.

The title, Imbolc, is derived from Neolithic Irish Imbolg, which in essence means ‘first milk’ or ‘in the belly’, as the season is ‘winter pregnant with summer’, and it’s only six weeks away from the equinox, where it’s common in rural areas to see lamb frolicking innocently in fields. New life blossoming in the warming light.

The festival also celebrates the triple Goddess Brigid, the patron of fire, blacksmiths, fertility and abundance. The deity was adopted later by Christians as ‘Saint’ Brigid as part of the transition from ancient Pagan traditions to Christian indoctrination.

You’ll learn more about this ebb and flow when you visit Badb in our story.

It’s a great time to reconnect with nature, although the rules of nature don’t always apply in our book.

We prefer it that way.

Imbolc Shona Daoibh — Happy Imbolc

Happy release day to Delevan House!


Natasha and Ruthann


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