First Blood: Delevan House Review

They say you always remember your first.

We are eternally grateful to all our exclusive first readers, and absolutely blown away by the depth  of our initial review for Delevan House.

She gets and describes many of the nuances we were aiming for in our story, and as a collaborative writing-duo, without giving away the devil in the details.

Thank you Nat Whiston, we’ll never forget your words, and appreciate you to the moon and stars! 

Read her in-depth review of Delevan House releasing on 02/01/2023 here! and follow her for more insightful reviews and releases of her own uique flavor of horror fiction. 

4 responses to “First Blood: Delevan House Review”

  1. This looks really interesting! On my to buy list!


  2. A cracking review! Well done, Ruthann and Natasha!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure, Natasha.


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