Brazen Solstice 2022

December 21, 2022, is the Winter Solstice. It’s the shortest day and the longest night of the year. In Celtic Traditions, Winter Solstice sees the conquering of the Oak King over the Holly King. The stories and associated traditions are abundant and are not only resigned to pasts.
The Solstice is celebrated by cultures worldwide by lighting lanterns, eating dumplings, fire dancing, or sharing gifts and a meal. There are many unique ways to honor the diminishing light as we await the sun’s return on the Spring Vernal Equinox.
We all need this time of rest, renewal, and letting go, so we’re ready for the fresh opportunities ahead. Nourishing food, storytelling, and cozy fires add to the season’s peace.
It’s also a great time to remember our past year’s accomplishments as we begin planning for the exciting things to come.
We’re restless spirits, however, and are seldom content with everyday life or our achievements in the craft of writing we immerse in passionately. Natasha and Ruthann both crave the seduction of dark fiction and its’ endless potential to seduce and delight.
The upcoming release of Delevan House has us giddy with anticipation, but we’re choosing this particular day to share with you the next installment of our intended trilogy.
We’ll soon introduce our readers to the House, the village of Badb, and memorable characters inspired by Scottish folklore in Book I, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do.
But there’s much more of the story to tell, and we must appease the muse who so relentlessly keeps us from slumber.
2023 will see the release of Book II, The Delevan Diaries.

Original cover art by Don Nobel of Rooster Republic Press

We wish you and yours all the light and peace of the season if you choose to celebrate. Our lives are much richer for our readers, friends, and family. We’re grateful to everyone who takes the time to read our work and to connect, chat, and support us in our crazy and fabulous endeavors.
Here’s to the best yet to come. We’ll be here waiting in the shadows, inviting you for a cup of tea and a sweet dose of terror.


One response to “Brazen Solstice 2022”

  1. A sequel in the same year! Awesome. I need to get my reading chops in gear. 😘👍🏻


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