The Making of Delevan House #18

Wrapping Up

Brazen Folk Horror presents the print cover wrap for Delevan House. Isn’t it a beauty! The cover image was created by the immensely talented Don Nobel of Rooster Republic Press. We are both huge fans of his outstanding work.


Delevan House is a brazenly executed contemporary story that brings fresh blood to the genres and timelines it crosses; breathing life into folklore and horror fantasy. 

Set in the village of Badb, the hulking majesty of Delevan House has eyes everywhere, reflecting secrets of the old ways that are a necessary evil for survival.

This seductive and sophisticated gothic tale is rooted in Scottish folklore, dark history, and what we all desire – freedom.

Delevan House is where literal worlds collide. 

Lady Lenore Delevan is waiting. 

Do you dare enter under the eyes of her menacing stone beast and obsidian flock?

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