The Making of Delevan House #17

The Chill of a Cold Moon

Cold Moon, Texas, U.S.A

The last full moon of 2022 hit the sky in all its brazen glory this week; The Cold Moon.

Some say it’s the time to reflect, be still, and prepare for the rest Winter brings. Others believe the name connects to the Solstice later in December, bringing us the shortest day and longest night of the year.

The year’s final month is also a time of spiritual and emotional ‘cleansing’ to make room for the gifts and experiences of a new year. To make one stronger and prepared to face any harsh conditions ahead.

The name also reflects a temperature drop, and it can be a time to welcome others into your home to share in the warmth of the season and fire. The moon, its effects, and all of the mysteries surrounding it also have a notable presence in our little village of Badb.

We’re stoking the last embers of our story, often writing by the light of our moons while on opposite sides of an ocean, hoping that the pull of Delevan House that we’re experiencing will also affect our readers magically and memorably.

Cold Moon, Scotland, U.K

A quote says, “Nothing good happens after midnight,” but we disagree.

It’s when those dark things that we connect to have their say and their way with us.

The imposing structure of Delevan House may look her most beautiful when the skies shift, and nature’s lights reflect over the stones but make no mistake; it will also have its’ way with all who experience it, but the chill will never leave your bones once you visit.

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