The Making of Delevan House #8

The Art of Seductive Reasoning

Some may consider life and all of its complexities purely deductive, where two or more ideas come together to form a conclusion based on evidence, intuition, or fact.

We’re throwing this out of an arched window here at Delevan House. Watching those fragmented pieces scatter to the wind with cackles of knowing delight. The Gargoyle over the door is the only gatekeeper welcome. Enchanting, isn’t he? We certainly think so.

Despite minor setbacks, our work on the novel continues, and the desire to lull our reader into our intricate, ever-enticing web grows strong with each chapter.

The authors have designed a profound process of not only luring our potential (and maybe captive) audiences into reading what we’re creating but also seducing them into a frenzy with an insatiable thirst for what’s coming. A hunger that may come to match our magical matriarch, Lady Lenore Delevan.

We’ve created a unique plan for collaborative writing. Tech be damned some of the time.

We’ll be whispering sweet nothings in your ear as we roll out an original and, some may say, downright seductive plan for introducing and marketing our story.

Don’t try to guess; even more importantly, don’t underestimate our desire to craft a story full of darkness and characters that haunt even the most jaded souls. We’ve heard their screams.

There’s much more to our process than simply putting down words, it’s our obsession, and before we finish, it will be yours as well!

By the time we’re ready to issue invitations to Delevan House, our readers and reviewers will already be firmly under our spell.

We’re weaponising the creative art of literary seduction, history, craftiness and experience, and they serve us as intended. Our readers may never want to leave our cursed little village of Babd.

We’ll be glad to have you.

After all, it’s better to repent sins than to regret the loss of pleasures.

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