The Making of Delevan House #6

How does a writer living in Texas, USA and another living in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, write books together?

We’re not on brooms; we’re on zoom!

This is how we collaborate, in part, at least. Zoom meetings accompanied by daily messages, emails and notes in our shared office. How amazing is that? Sharing an office with more than 4,600 miles between us?

This is how our worlds are being written, weaving a tale from New York to our ominous little village of Badb, where darkness resides, sucking at life’s marrow to sustain its power over the villagers. There will be times when you will ponder, who trapped who?

This updates comes as we approach Autumn Equinox—when the sun resides at the central point of the equator, just as it does during its counterpart of Ostara. It’s when the number of daylight hours equals the dark, just before the world (in the Northern Hemisphere) slips into longer nights. This equinox occurs during the festival of Mabon, which spans from the 21st of September to the 29th.

Some of us thrive all the more in the dark. There’s an awakening, while others slink into safety away from the secrets stirring in the shadows. Which part of the scales do you reside?

From our harvest tables spread out in celebration to yours, in honour this perfect equilibrium of light and dark, wishing you a peaceful Mabon.

Natasha & Ruthann )o(

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