The Making of Delevan House #3

Chapter 3

Question: Where does one begin when the spark of a novel involves obscure history, mythos, and an elevated degree of imagination to construct a complicated tale worthy of the author duo’s intentions?

Answer: With intriguing research, photos to exemplify potential context and settings, and a glimmer of hope that an incredible story idea CAN be wrangled to reality via many hours and words.

Delevan House isn’t a place based on an actual structure in reality, but rather it’s a keeper of secrets and souls.

The authors may each be inspired by their distinctive “roots,” but these connections and memories come with cautions and conditions, not a welcome home sign.

The very bones and bricks of Delevan House are steeped in folklore combined with a touch of madness.

After all, what writers in their sane minds would set out to craft unusual characters and a setting unlike any other, with nothing to help lay a foundation other than the chatter of unusual familiars.

The outlines have been chalked. Directions are being conveyed, as one wouldn’t want to lose their way.

The village of Badb isn’t a place travellers visit in search of a romantic weekend or family getaway.

Early rough setting development: Delevan House

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