The Making of Delevan House #1

Chapter 1

Delevan House

Two passionate female authors, sharing a love of dark speculative fiction, and a wicked sense of humor, become virtual friends.

“I have an idea. Let’s collaborate on a book.”

“It will be fun,” they said, “it’s such a fresh idea!”

Four thousand seven hundred miles apart, with a six-hour difference in time zones.

Numerous daily messages and excited Zoom-chats at all hours, defying tech every time.

Exchanges of random historical and academic documents while researching obscure Scots history and mythology.

(NB: this includes Ruthann trying to understand Natasha, and her native slang, under these circumstances)

Time-sucking photo searches, mood boards, and inspirations based solely on imaginations.

Creating original atmosphere, unique characters, and settings from the ground up.

Commiserating on the effects of Covid, as we manage to contract the virus simultaneously.

Building a foundation, then laying down roots and bones of a story that’s taking on a life of its’ own.

Brazen I tell you…Brazen.

After a slight setback, because this virus we’re living with is terribly disrespectful, work has resumed on “Delevan House” Book One of an intended trilogy, in grand style!

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